Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about Creating Yourself                         - George Bernard Shaw

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Mr. Groot exhibits a rare and contagious enthusiasm for his profession. His portraits convey a depth of personality and character that is rarely encountered with other artists. He creates in them a sense of life and liveliness that is unique. It is through his sensitivity to his client's personality and feelings that he makes the creative session a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable experience. This approach allows the true, natural character and expression to shine through, creating portraits for clients that they will be proud to own. 

He has a keen eye for flowing, artistic composition and a natural ability to relate to people. Children enjoy his fun-loving and respectful manner, a quality which allows him to capture that childhood innocence in beautiful award-winning child portraits. Mr. Groot's family portraits reflect much more than just what the family looks like: they communicate the family member's personalities, their interests, their lifestyles and most importantly, their love for one another. His main goal with each client is to "create the finest portrait possible." This ambition guarantees portraits that his subjects will be proud to share with their loved ones. 

The same attention to detail, enthusiasm, and vitality is displayed in his teaching. His infectious positive attitude leaves no room for the word “can’t” or the word “problem.” Everything that students set their minds to, can and will be achieved. Since the word “problem” does not exist, every “challenge” they face will be dealt with and overcome. He feels that the only reason people have not reached the goals that they wanted to in photography is that there have be unexplored avenues and he guarantees them that he will help them find that lost potential and then they will succeed. His students will double, triple, quadruple their business if they take that leap of faith. 

Mr. Groot won his first national award, the Canadian Amateur Medal, at the age of fifteen, doing an expose on pollution. From there, he has gone on to win acclaim for his photography in Canada, The United States, Japan, Australia and Europe, accumulating over 50 national and international titles. Chuck has his Fellow of the Professional Photographers of British Columbia (F/PPABC), which is the highest award honoring photographers in British Columbia. He is one of few photographers in Canada who has earned the prestigious Master of Photographic Arts degree (MPA). As well, Kodak has presented him with two of their Gallery Awards for Excellence.

He was the youngest photographer to be invited to join the American Society of Photographers. He feels particularly blessed having been able to study with some of the finest photographers in the world: Josef Karsh, Arnold Newman, Monte Zucker, Jason Hailey, Frank Cricchio and his father, John Groot. This background, rich in expertise, has led to his having won top awards in a variety of photographic fields: children, families, weddings, pets, wildlife, nature, commercial and fashion. 

His studies have not ended there.

Chuck teaches Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Photography, and Digital Imaging at a local high school – and consequently knows about effective learning strategies. He was granted the Federal Business Development Bank Certificate of Achievement in outstanding contribution towards Small Business Owner Management under the FBDB Community Business Initiative and was awarded a Professional Certificate by the British Columbia College of Teachers. He took part in an Advanced Entrepreneurship Masters Program at the University of Victoria. Chuck’s career has been enriched by study under master motivators and strategists such as Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Robert G. Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Cory Rudl and Mike Litman to name a few. 

Chuck Groot feels that what is more important than all his awards and accolades is his sincere desire to help you succeed… to create the life you deserve.

I promise to provide you and your company with the tools to live healthy, happy, prosperous lives.