Chuck Groot Financial Consulting

What is your financial comfort zone?

Before any plan is created for you we need to know what your risk tolerance and risk capacity are.

Regardless of your age, your risk tolerance is determined by your needs, wants, expected lifespan, and comfort zone. Your risk capacity on the other hand is what you need to do to get what you want. By answering the following questions we start to get a picture of where you can go with your investing and a credible dateline.

The decision is totally yours as to what you are going to do, but we feel it is our responsibility and obligation to coach and mentor with the best intelligence imaginable.

1. Which of the following account(s) do you have?

2. Which of the following investing vehicles do you have?

3. How old are you?

4. What is your yearly income?

5. I have thought about Retirement Income:

6. My retirement income is:

7. How would you characterize your personality?

8. What is your investment knowledge?

9. What is your investing goal?

10. My investing timeline is:

11. How much of your discretionary income are you willing to invest to secure your future?

By entering your name and email address, you agree that you have answered the previous questions to the best of your ability.