Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about Creating Yourself - George Bernard Shaw

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Passion and the road to living

Did you know people who have a passion, on average, live happier and better lives than most people. Passion is one of those things that not only fuels our purpose, but fuels the driving force to have a purpose. Although it is an adjective, I believe it is an action word, it gives you the motivation to get things done!

Is being passionate the end all be all of all of our problems? The answer is no. But what is does is help you live in the moment and more importantly, delivers  energy to get through those times when we would much rather be anywhere else in the world than where we are. The catch phrase should change from “doing what you are passionate about” to “develop your passions”; because not everyone knows what they are passionate about.

Who should develop their passions – all of us.

According to the dictionary, passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion. It is something – anything – that you would do even though you wouldn’t get paid to do it. Or as Kevin Hall wrote, : A willingness to suffer for what you love. In my mind, it is doing things that makes you feel happy. And isn’t being happy something that we all strive to be?

Is this an impossible dream? Some would think so, but it isn’t. We can and should control what we focus on. We can and should focus on what we love to do. We can and should work on our happiness now and always. By doing that, we would be a much more positive influence on those around us. We would do a much better job on what we are doing. And most likely, we would be much happier!

The hardest thing is trying to determine where to use your passion and enthusiasm. It doesn’t just have to be at work, it can be on your hobby or through your philanthropic work. By using passion and enthusiasm where it is best suited, always benefits you and those around you. The key is to become more engaged with what you are doing. To be more in the moment.

Now the big question – how do we develop and maintain our passion, especially when we aren’t feeling it?

Make Your Life Meaningful – Use the following steps


1. Make a list of how your work, passions, and hobbies benefits others.

2. Adam Smiley Poswolsky writes; ““Don’t focus on figuring out your one why, worry less about the one answer, and more about asking the right questions: What do you care about? What gets you fired up? What injustice infuriates you? What types of people do you enjoy spending time with? What types of articles do you find yourself posting on Facebook? What challenge is worthy of your time, not for your whole life, but right now?”

3. Find Moments of Wonder. Really live in the now and marvel and appreciate every experience good or bad.


1. Happiness is contagious

2. Negativity breeds negativity

3. It is said that people can tell what type of person by looking at the top non-family people you spend most of your time with. In other words; if you want to me more successful, spend time with successful people. If you want to be happier, hang out with happier people. If you to have more money, spend time with people who have it.


1. Don’t feel guilty for saying no.

2. Establish your personal boundaries

3. Start reclaiming your time and mental well-being

1. Remove the all-or-nothing mindset

       a. Perfectionism can lead to physical and emotional stress.

2. Switch your negative self-talk. That little voice in your head doesn’t belong there. Every time you hear the voice – audibly tell it to leave.

3. Celebrate every progress, victory, and failure.